OpenNMS Portal User Documentation

The OpenNMS Portal is a cloud-based platform where users can access and manage the following OpenNMS products, each of which requires a subscription:

  • Meridian

  • Appliances

  • Time Series DB

You must have an OpenNMS account to sign in to the Portal (

If you need help with your OpenNMS implementation, contact OpenNMS support to purchase customer support.

First-time sign in

After The OpenNMS Group creates your organization and product subscription, you should receive a welcome email to activate your account. If you do not receive this email, contact OpenNMS sales.

Follow these steps to activate your OpenNMS account:

  1. Click the Account Activation button in your Welcome email.

  2. On the Create Your OpenNMS Account screen, type a password in the Password box.

  3. Click Create My Account.

  4. Sign in to the OpenNMS Portal with your username and password.

After 10 failed attempts to sign in to the OpenNMS Portal, you are automatically locked out of your account. To unlock your account, talk to your OpenNMS Portal administrator, or contact OpenNMS support.

Portal UI

The Portal UI displays the landing page and a navigation menu at the left of the screen. The navigation menu displays entries for only the products for which you have a subscription.

To view your subscription, including status and expiry information, click Subscriptions and navigate to the tab for the subscription that you want to view.

Note that if you belong to more than one organization, the Organization menu displays all of the organizations to which you belong:

Organization menu showing two organizations.

To switch organizations, select the organization that you want to work in from the drop-down list.