Activate Minion Appliance

Your subscription specifies the number of Minion Appliances you have purchased. An OpenNMS salesperson has set up your subscription and registered appliances to your organization. Initially, you may not want to use all of the appliances available in your subscription. This procedure describes how to activate only the number of Minion Appliances you want to use.

  1. In the left menu, click Subscription.

  2. In the Available Appliances list, choose the appliance you want to add and click Activate Appliance.

  3. Repeat for all appliances you want to activate.

    1. To remove an appliance, click the x beside its name in the Activated Appliances area.

  4. Click Appliances in the left menu to view and manage activated appliances.

    • Activated appliances display a green link icon.

    • Unactivated appliances display a crossed-out red link icon.

    • By default, appliance status refreshes every 30 seconds.

If an appliance does not appear in your subscription, contact To view your appliances on a map, see specify a Minion Appliance’s geographical location.