Terminal User Interface (TUI)

The TUI is a command line shell that allows Admin users to sign in to the Minion Appliance to perform tasks using a text-based interface, including the following:

  • Configure the network address.

  • View system settings.

  • Reboot the system.

  • Run a health check.

  • List running containers.

The TUI is particularly useful for setting up an appliance when you don’t have DHCP and for verifying that everything runs correctly after installation and setup.

  • Default user name: admin

  • Default password: opennms

You are prompted to change your password the first time you sign in to the TUI. Make sure to choose something secure.

Type a number at the prompt to complete the related task. For example, to update network configuration information, type the number associated with Configure network address and follow the prompts.

Health check TUI option

To run a health check in the TUI, type the number associated with the health check option. The following image shows the results of a health check: